Medley Medway Centrifugal Pump

Medley Medway Centrifugal High Flow Plastic Pump is equipped with prefilter, transparent lid for convenient operation. Pump body and prefilter made in polypropylene reinforced plastic, ensuring durability and resistance to the chemical products commonly found in swimming pools. Additionally, the mechanical seal is made from graphite and Silicon Carbide, while the motor shaft is manufactured using stainless steel AISI 316. The motor itself has IP-55 protection and operates at 3,000 r.p.m., with options for 230/400V - 50Hz or 400/690 V – 50Hz three phase. Durable polypropylene impeller that can withstand wear, high temperatures, and corrosion. Suitable for hot springs up to 70 degrees Celsius. Strong pressure-bearing capacity, up to 6KG pressure

Product Code: PM450T-PM750T

Category: Circulation Pumps

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